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We started VELSYRA with a grand vision to architect a fundamentally new and distinctly female model of care for the modern healthcare system. 

We  use to connect patients and providers, to the questions we ask on our health record, to the gowns, the socks — and yes, even the temperature! No detail has been too small in the making of the very first modern medical home for women.


Fresh, Deliciously Healthy, Premium Quality Checkup.

Routine Checkup

Regular screening may even save your life. “When you detect a disease early you can prevent complications and improve quality of life,

Heart Protection

If you’ve had a heart attack or stroke, your doctor may want you to take a low dose of aspirin to reduce your risk of having another. 

Prenatal & Postpartum

Provide a comprehensive postpartum checkup and progressive healing through exercise targeting the core, pelvic floor and total body.


 Health Services for Woman

Healthy Food

A healthy eating plan is one that encompasses all of the nutrients your body needs on a daily basis without any non-nutritional additives.

Healthy Dish

 healthy but satisfying meals that will make you feel good as well as virtuous

Healthy Meal Plan

he best plan is one that you can stick to, so remember you can substitute ingredients you don’t like for others and adjust meals to suit any dietary requirements.

Diet Suplementary

With a proper diet you can reduce belly fat fast and safely.

Belly Fat

With increasing obesity, you have people whose regular areas to store fat are so full that the fat is deposited into the organs and around the heart,

Health Program

Beating Cancer Plan also proposes the establishment of a new ‘EU Network of Youth Cancer Survivors’

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in women and the second leading cause of cancer death in women after lung cancer.


Pregnant women can take the vitamin folic acid to prevent certain birth defects in their babies.

Doctor online

Online doctor appointments with a network of family doctors, specialists, dieticians, naturopaths, counselors, nurse practitioners, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists, and more.

About Us

Serving  Online

Velsyra, the groundbreaking new Health & Wellness platform that seeks to improve the health of millions of individuals worldwide, significantly decreasing healthcare costs. Find the latest health and wellness news, tips and information you can use, a support community to learn from and share with others and clinically researched products you can trust — all from one trusted source, with proven results and success metrics.


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How I do get prescription?

Health doctors’ prescriptions are legitimate and are accepted by pharmacies.


Is this Program Safe

Just like an in-person visit, with telehealth, the doctor is responsible for understanding your case


How I do book an Appointment

Click on the Request  button to get started. 

Remote Advice on-demand

Get Help From The Comfort Of Your Home

Beyond the fresh, delicious, nutrient dense meals that we deliver, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional level of service, and specialize in offering optimal, convenient solutions to your specific needs.

Our focus is your health. We start with listening to you. Other services ask you to choose a plan, then fit yourself into it. We ask you to tell us about your needs and lifestyle, and jointly design a plan that’s perfectly suited to your goals.

Whether it’s comprehensive diet meal delivery plans, wellness coaching, educational programs or extraordinary products, our entire team is committed to helping you succeed. With Velsyra  you’ll get the support you need and the attention you deserve.

This is a great company in the way of the services provided to the population

we'll give patients access to the highest quality, safest and most effective health care.

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This was a Best Product to use as it helps to Increase the Vitamins Efficiency in the body.

Loretta Simpson


Wasn’t sure about ordering online but this deal seals it for me, didn’t want to miss out. checked out the pages and all is encrypted and good. looking forward to my new looks

Lucy Blake


not only makes sure of swift delivery but also offers a 60 days money back guarantee.

Beth Buffet



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